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A loin of beef (?), Aa, with a formula, two versions of which are extant. The rendering of one is:--

"Osiris Unas, [here is] the marked piece of flesh and bone from which Seb cuts not off the aau joint," 1


The Sem priest presenting the loin of beef.


p. 121

and of the other

[Osiris] Peta-Amen-apt, the mark of that which is "abominable (or, the abominable one) is burnt into the aa joint." 1


120:1 Maspero, "Osiris, le marqué, do la chair duquel Sibou ne retranche pas chair."

121:1 Dümichen, "O Obercherheb Petamenap, das Malzeichen des Schändlichen ist eingebrannt an der Lende."

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