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p. 29



'To denote Hephæstus [Phthah], they delineate a SCARABÆUS and a VULTURE, and to denote Athena [Neith], 2 a VULTURE and a SCARABÆUS; for to them the world appears to consist both of male and female, (for Athena [Neith] however they also depict a vulture) and; according to them, these are the only Gods who are both male and female. 3



I. Neith, Athena, or Minerva.

II. Phthah Tore, the deformed pigmy God of Memphis, has a scarabæus on his head, and sometimes stands upon a crocodile.

III. Phthah Socari.

29:2 To denote Phthah, they delineate a SCARABÆUS i and a VULTURE, to denote Neith?

29:3 See c. 10 and 11.

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