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Pastime in Ancient Egypt, by Lawrence Alma-Tadema [19th c.] (Public Domain Image)

Egyptian Myth and Legend

by Donald Mackenzie


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This highly readable book covers Egyptian religion, history, and culture through its entire civilization. We are accustomed to history measured in decades or centuries. Egypt requires thinking in terms of millenia. There was not one monolithic Egyptian belief system; it went through profound changes over time; this book describes this evolution in great detail. Mackenzie includes many extracts from religious texts, folk tales, and historical documents.

Title Page
Chapter I: Creation Legend of Sun Worshippers
Chapter II: The Tragedy of Osiris
Chapter III: Dawn of Civilization
Chapter IV: The Peasant who became King
Chapter V: Racial Myths in Egypt and Europe
Chapter VI: The City of the Elf God
Chapter VII: Death and the Judgment
Chapter VIII: The Religion of the Stone Workers
Chapter IX: A Day in Old Memphis
Chapter X: The Great Pyramid Kings
Chapter XI: Folk Tales of Fifty Centuries
Chapter XII: Triumph of the Sun God
Chapter XIII: Fall of the Old Kingdom
Chapter XIV: Father Gods and Mother Goddesses
Plate I: The Girl Wife and the Bata Bull
Plate II: The Farmer Plunders the Peasant
Plate III: Senuhet Slays the Warrior of Tonu
Plate IV: Queen Ahmes (Wife Of Thothmes I), Mother of the Famous Queen Hatshepsut
Plate V: Luring the Doom Serpent
Plate V: Fowling Scene
Plate VI: Farm Scene: The Counting and Inspection of the Geese
Plate VII: Pastime in Ancient Egypt Three Thousand Years Ago
Chapter XV: The Rise of Amon
Chapter XVI: Tale of the Fugitive Prince
Chapter XVII: Egypt's Golden Age
Chapter XVIII: Myths and Lays of the Middle Kingdom
Chapter XIX: The Island of Enchantment
Chapter XX: The Hyksos and their Strange God
Chapter XXI: Joseph and the Exodus
Chapter XXII: Amon, the God of Empire
Chapter XXIII: Tale of the Doomed Prince
Chapter XXIV: Changes in Social and Religious Life
Chapter XXV: Amenhotep the Magnificent and Queen Tiy
Chapter XXVI: The Religious Revolt of the Poet King
Chapter XXVII: The Empire of Rameses and the Homeric Age
Chapter XXVIII: Egypt and the Hebrew Monarchy
Chapter XXIX: The Restoration and the End