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Egyptian Myth and Legend, by Donald Mackenzie, [1907], at

p. 194f



(Fresco from tomb at Thebes, XVIII Dynasty, about B.C. 1580-1350; now in British Museum)

The deceased, accompanied by his wife and daughter, stands in a reed canoe in a marsh filled with large papyrus reeds, and is occupied in knocking down birds with a stick, which is made in the form of a snake. In front of him is his hunting cat, which has seized three birds, one with its hind claws, one with its fore claws, and one by the wings with its mouth. Numerous butterflies are represented, and the lake is well stocked with fish. The line of hieroglyphs at the back of the deceased indicates that the scene is supposed to represent the state of felicity which he will enjoy in the next world.


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