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Vignette: A swallow perched on a conical object painted red and green.

Text [CHAPTER LXXXVI.]: (I) HERE BEGIN THE CHAPTERS OF MAKING TRANSFORMATIONS. THE CHANGING INTO A SWALLOW. (2) Saith Osiris Ani, triumphant: "I am the swallow, [I am] the swallow, [I am] the scorpion, the daughter of Ra. Hail, ye gods, whose scent is sweet; hail, ye gods, whose scent is sweet! Hail, thou Flame, which comest forth from (4) the horizon! Hail, thou who art in the city. May the Guardian of the Bight lead me on. O stretch out up unto me (5) thine bands that I may be able to pass my days in the Island of Flame. I have fared forth with my warrant. I have come with the power thereof. Let the doors be opened unto me (6). How shall I tell what I have seen therein? Horus was like unto the prince of the sacred bark, and the throne of his father was given unto him. Sut, the son of Nut, also hath gotten the fall which he (7) wrought for Horus. He who is in Sekhem passed judgment upon me. I stretched out my hands and my arms unto Osiris. I have passed on

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to judgment, (8) and I have come that I may speak; grant that I may pass on and deliver my message. I enter in, having been judged; I come out (9) at the door of Neb-er-tcher magnified and glorified. I am found pure at the Great place of passage [of souls]. I have put away my faults. (10) I have done away mine offences. I have cast out the sins which were a part of me. I, even I, am pure, (11) I, even I, am mighty. O ye doorkeepers, I have made my way [unto you]. I am like unto you. I have come forth by day. I have walked with my legs, and I have gotten the power of the footstep wherewith do walk the shining ones of light (12). I, even I, know the hidden ways to the doors of the Field of Aaru; and (13), though my body be buried, yet let me rise up; and may I come forth and overthrow all my foes upon earth."

Appendix[1]: Rubric. If this chapter be known [by the deceased], he shall come forth by day in Neter-khert, and he shall go in again after he hath come forth. if this chapter be not known, he shall not enter in after he hath come forth, nor shall he come forth by day.

Vignette: A golden hawk holding a flail, emblem of rule.

Text [CHAPTER LXXVII.]: (1) CHAPTER OF CHANGING INTO A GOLDEN HAWK. Saith Osiris Ani: "(2) May I, even I, arise in the seshet chamber, like unto a hawk of gold (3) coming forth from his egg. May I fly and may I hover as a hawk, with a back seven (4) cubits wide, and with wings made of emeralds of the South. May I come forth from the sektet boat (5), and may my heart be brought unto me from the mountain of the east. May I alight on the atet boat, and may those who are in (6) their companies be brought unto me, bowing down as they come. May I rise, may I gather myself together (7) as the beautiful golden hawk [which hath] the head of a bennu bird. May I enter into the presence of Ra daily to hear his words, and may I sit down among the (8) mighty gods of Nut. May a homestead be made ready for me, and may offerings of food and drink be put before me therein. May I eat therein; (9) may I become a shining one therein; may I be filled therein to, my heart's fullest desire; may sacred wheat be given unto me to eat. May I, by myself, get power over the guardian of my head."

Vignette: A green hawk, holding a flail, and standing upon a pylon-shaped pedestal.

[1. See Lepsius, Todtenbuch, Bl. 32.]

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Text [CHAPTER LXXVIII.]: (1) THE CHAPTER OF CHANGING INTO A SACRED HAWK. Saith Osiris Ani: (2) "Hail, thou mighty one, come unto Tattu. Make thou my paths, and let me pass round [to visit] my (3) thrones. Make me to renew myself and make me to wax strong. (4) Grant that I may be feared, and make me to be a terror. May the gods of the underworld fear me, and may they fight for me in their (5) habitations. Let not him that would do harm unto me draw nigh unto me. Let me walk through the house of darkness. May I (6), the feeble, clothe and cover myself; and may they (i.e., the gods) not do the like unto me. Hail, ye gods who hear my speech! Hail, ye rulers who are among the followers of Osiris. Be ye therefore silent, O ye gods, [when] the god speaketh with me; he heareth what is right and (7) true. What I speak unto him, do thou also speak, O Osiris. Grant thou that I may go round my course according to the order which cometh forth from thy mouth concerning me. May I see thy forms; (8) may I be able to understand thy will. Grant that I may come forth, that I may get power over my legs, and that I may be like unto Neb-er-tcher (9) upon his throne. May the gods of the underworld fear me, and may they fight for me in their habitations. Grant thou that I may pass on my way with the godlike ones who rise up (10). May I be set up upon my resting-place like unto the Lord of Life; may I be joined unto Isis, the divine Lady. May the gods (11) make me strong against him that would do harm unto me, and may no one come to see me fall helpless. May I pass over the paths (12), may I come into the furthermost parts of heaven. I entreat for speech with Seb, I make supplication unto Hu (13) and unto Neb-er-tcher that the gods of the underworld may fear me, and that they may fight for me in their habitations, when they see that thou hast (14) provided me with the fowl of the air and the fish of the sea.

"I am one of those shining ones who live in rays of light. (15) 1 have made my form like unto the form [of the god] who cometh out and manifesteth himself in Tattu; for I have become worthy of honour by reason of his honour, (16) and he hath spoken unto thee of the things which concern me. Surely he hath made the fear of me [to go forth], and hath created terror of me! The gods of the {continued next plate}

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