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The whole of Plate XXIII. and part of Plate XXIV contain a repetition of the XVIIIth Chapter of the "Book of the Dead," which has also been given on Plates XIII. and XIV. The arrangement of the gods in the vignette is, however, slightly different.


Vignette: Ani and his wife adoring three gods, who are seated on a pylon or door-shaped pedestal.

Text [CHAPTER CXXIV.]: (I) THE CHAPTER OF GOING UNTO THE GODLIKE RULERS OF OSIRIS. Osiris, the scribe Ani, triumphant, saith: "My soul hath builded for me a (2) dwelling-place in Tattu. I have waxed strong in the town Pe. I have ploughed [my] fields in all my forms, and my palm tree standeth therein like unto the god Amsu. I eat not that which I abominate, (3) I eat not that which I loathe; that which I abominate I abominate, and I feed not upon filth. (4) There are food offerings and meat for those who shall not be destroyed thereby. I raise not up myself on my two arms unto any abomination, I walk not thereupon (5) with my shoes, because my bread is [made] from white grain, and my ale from the red (6) barley of the Nile. The sektet boat and the atet boat bring them unto me, and I feed upon them (7) under the trees, whose beautiful branches I myself do know. (8) How glorious do I make the white crown [when] I lift up the uræi! (9) Hail, guardian of the door, who givest peace unto the two lands, bring thou unto me those who make offerings! Grant that

[1. In the Appendix to Plates V. and V1. (see above, p. 265), is a reproduction from the papyrus of Neb-set at Paris, of a scene in which the soul of the deceased is represented as descending the ladder with food for the body in the tomb below.]

{p. 331}

I may (10) lift up the earth; that the shining ones may open their arms unto me; that the company of the gods may (11) speak with the words of the shining ones unto Osiris Ani; that the hearts of the gods may direct [him] (12); and that they may make him powerful in heaven among the gods who have taken unto themselves visible forms. (13) Yea, let every god and every goddess whom he passeth make Osiris, the scribe Ani, triumphant at the new year. He feedeth upon hearts (14) and consumeth them when he cometh forth from the east. He hath been judged by the forefather of Light. He is (15) a shining one arrayed in heaven among the mighty ones. The food of Osiris, the scribe Ani, triumphant, is even (16) the cakes and ale which are made for their mouths. I go in through the Disk, I come out through the god Ahui. I speak with the followers (17) of the gods, I speak with the Disk, I speak with the shining ones, and the Disk granteth me to be victorious in the (18) blackness of night within Meh-urt near unto his forehead. Behold, I am with Osiris, and I (19) proclaim that which he telleth forth among the mighty ones. He speaketh unto me the words of men, and I listen and (20) 1 tell again unto him the words of the gods. I, Osiris Ani, triumphant, come even as one who is equipped for the journey. Thou raisest up [right and truth] (2 1) for those who love them. I am a shining one clothed in power, mightier than any other shining one."

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