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(1) According to that which is above within, saying, 'I am this Sit-ta-ko, Setem is my name, (2) Setem is my correct name. I am Gantha, Ginteu, Giriteu, (3) Hrinoute, Arinoute, Labtatha, Laptutha, (4) Laksantha, Sarisa, Markharahuteu, (5) Arsinga-khla; another volume (says) Arsinga-label, Bolboel, (6) Boel (bis), Loteri, Klogasantra, Iaho, (7) is my name, Iaho is my correct name,

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[paragraph continues] Balkham, the mighty (?) one of heaven, (8) Ablanathanalba, gryphon of the shrine of the god which stands to-day (?).'

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