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(1) If you wish [to make] the gods of the vessel (?) speak with you, (2) when the gods come in, you say this name to them nine times: (3) 'Iaho, Iphe, Eoe, Kintathour, Nephar, (4) Aphoe.' Then he makes command to you as to that which you shall ask him about. If delay (5) occur, so that answer is not given you, you recite this other name to them nine times until (6) they inquire for you truthfully: 'Gogethix, Mantou, (7) Noboe, Khokhir, Hrodor, Dondroma, (8) Lephoker, Kephaersore.' Seven times. (9) Iaho . Eiphe . On . Kindathour, Nephar . Aphoe.

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