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(1) A spell to bring [a woman] to a man (and?) to send dreams, otherwise said, to dream dreams, also.

(2) (A line of symbols or secret signs.)

(3) You write this on a rush-leaf and you place (it) under your head; you go to sleep; then (4) it makes dreams and it sends dreams. If you will do it to send dreams, you put it (the leaf) on the mouth of a mummy. (5) It brings a woman also; you write this name on the rush-leaf with the blood of a .... or a hoopoe (?); (6) and you put the hair of the woman in the leaf, and put it on the mouth of the mummy; and you write on the earth with this name, saying: 'Bring (7) N. daughter of N. to the house in the sleeping-place in which is N. son of N.' (8) Now it is also an αγωγιμον.

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