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(A row of figures, viz. 3 scarabs, 3 hawks, and 3 goats.)

(1) 'Armioout (otherwise Armiouth), Sithani, Outhani, (2) Aryamnoi, Sobrtat, Birbat, Misirythat, (3) Amsietharmithat: bring N. daughter of N. out of her abodes (4) in which she is, to any house and any place which N. son of N. is in; she loving him and craving for him, (5) she making the gift of his desire(?) at every moment.' You write this in myrrh ink on a strip (6) of clean fine linen, and you put it in a clean new lamp, which is filled with genuine oil, (7) in your house from evening till morning. If you find a hair of the woman to put in the wick, it is excellent.

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