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(1) 'of the great gods of Egypt: fill your hands with flames and fire; employ it, cast it on the heart of N. daughter of N. (2) Waste her away, thou (?) demon; take her sleep, thou (?) man of Amenti; may the house

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[paragraph continues] (3) of her father and her mother (and) the places where she is .....; call out "There is flame of fire (4) to her," while she speaks, saying, "Have mercy (?)," she standing outside and murmuring "Have mercy" (?). For I am an agent (?) of Geb, (5) Horus Ron Phre is my name, tear her name out of Egypt for forty days, thirty-three months, 175 days, the complement of six months, (6) Gyre, Thee, Pysytu, Ekoimi, Atam.' Seven times. Dung of crocodile, a little placenta (?) of a she-ass, (7) together with sisymbrium, seven oipi of antelope's dung, the gall of a male goat, and first-fruits of oil: (8) you heat them with stalks of flax. You recite to it seven times for seven days; you anoint your phallus (9) with it, you lie with the woman; you anoint the breast (?) of the woman also.

(10) To cause a woman to love her husband: pods of acacia, pound with honey, anoint your phallus with it (11) and lie with the woman.

To make a woman amare coitum suum. Foam of a stallion's mouth. Anoint your phallus with it and lie with the woman.

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