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(1, 2) 'I am the great Shaay (otherwise said, the great Sheray?), who makes magic for the great Triphis, the lady of Koou (?) (3) Lol Milol, the water of thy brother (?) is that which is in my mouth, the fat of Hathor, worthy of love, is (4) that which is in my heart; my heart yearns, my heart loves. The (?) longing such as a she-cat (5) feels for a male cat, a longing such as a she-wolf feels for a he-wolf, a longing such as a bitch feels for (6) a dog, the longing which the god, the son of Sopd (?), felt for Moses going to the hill of Ninaretos (7) to offer water unto his god, his lord, his Yaho, Sabaho, his Glemura-muse, Plerube ..., S Mi (8) Abrasax, Senklai--let N. daughter of N. feel it for N. son of N.; (9) let her feel a yearning, a love, a madness great ......, she seeking for him (going) to every place. The fury (10) of Yaho, Sabaho, Horyo ... Pantokrator, Antorgator, (11) Arbanthala, Thalo, Thalax: for I cast fury upon you.

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