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(1) Another mode of vessel-inquiry, alone. Formula: 'I am the lord of Spirits, Oridimbai, Sonadir, Episghes, Emmime, (2) Tho-gom-phrur, Phirim-phuni is thy name; Mimi, Bibiu (bis), Gthethoni, I am Ubaste, Ptho, (3) Balkham born of Binui, Sphe, Phas, I am Baptho, Gammi-satra is thy name, Mi-meo, (4) Ianume.' Its spirit-gathering: You go to a clean place, you take a vessel of bronze, you wash it with water of natron, you put a lok-measure (5) of oil to it; you place it on the ground; you light a bronze lamp; you put it on the ground by the bronze vessel; (6) you cover yourself with a clean

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linen robe, you and the vessel; you recite into the vessel, your eyes being shut, for seven times; you open your eyes; (7) you ask it concerning that which you wish; if you wish to make the gods of the vessel speak with you with their mouths to your mouth, you cry: 'Iaho, (8) Iph, Eoe, Kintathour, Nephar, Aphoe.' Then they make answer to you concerning everything concerning which you will ask of it again. If they do not tell you answer, you recite (9) this other name: 'Gogethix, Mantounoboe, Kokhir-rhodor, Dondroma, Lephoker, (10) Kephaersore.' If you recite these, then they inquire for you truthfully.

(11) Another vessel-inquiry; you put vegetable oil into it; you must proceed as above. Formula: 'Speak unto me (bis), Hamset, god of the gods of darkness, (12) every demon, every shade that is in the West and the East, he that hath died hath done it (?), rise up to me (bis), O thou living soul, O thou breathing soul, may (13) my vessel go forth, my knot (?) here to-day, for the sake of the vessel of Isis the Great, who inquireth for her husband, who seeketh for her brother; Menash (bis), (14) Menanf (bis).' Say 'Menash (bis), Menanf (bis), Phoni (bis),' a multitude of times; and you say to the boy, 'Say, (15) "Depart, O darkness; come to me O light," and open your eyes at once.' Then the gods come in and tell thee answer to everything.

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