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(1) Another vessel-divination, (to be done) alone, for seeing the bark of Phre. The invocation which you recite: 'Open to me O (?) heaven, mother of the gods! (2) Let me see the bark of Phre going up and going

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down in it; for I am Geb, heir of the gods; prayer is what I make before Phre my father (3) on account of a thing that hath proceeded from me. O Heknet, great one, lady of the shrine, the Rishtret open to me, mistress of spirits, (4) open to me primal heaven; let me worship the angels! For I am Geb, heir of the gods. Hail! ye seven kings; ho! ye seven (5) Mônts, bull that engendereth, lord of strength, that enlighteneth the earth, soul of the abyss (?). Ho! lion as lion of (?) the abyss (?), bull of the night; (6) hail! thou that rulest the people of the East, Noun, great one, lofty one; hail! soul of a ram, soul of the people of the West; hail! soul of souls, (7) bull of the night, bull (?) of (two?) bulls, son of Nut. Open to me, I am the Piercer of earth, he that came forth from Geb; hail! I am (8) I, I, I, E, E, E, He, He, He, Ho, Ho, Ho; I am Anepo, Miri-po-re, Maat (?) Ib, Thibai (9) great, Aroui. Ouoou, Iaho.' The spirit-gathering: Blood of a smune-goose, blood of a hoopoe, blood of a night jar, (10) ankh-amu plant, senepe plant, Great-of-Amen-plant, qes-ankh stone, genuine lapis-lazuli, myrrh, 'Foot-print (?)-of-Isis' plant, pound and make into a ball, and paint (11) your eyes with it upon (?) a goat's tear, with a 'pleasure-wood' of ani or ebony; you tie yourself at your side (12) with a strip (?) of male-palm fibre. (13) The way of making the vessel-inquiry of the lamp. You take a clean bright lamp without putting minium (or) gum-water into it, its wick being of fine linen; you fill it with genuine oil (14) or oil of dew; you tie it with four threads of linen which have not been cooked (?); you hang it on an East wall (on) (15) a peg of bay-wood; you make the boy stand before it, he being pure and not having gone with a woman; you cover his eyes with your hand; (16) you light the lamp and you recite down into his head, unto seven times; you make him open

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his eyes; you ask him, saying, 'What are the things which you have seen?' (17) If he says, 'I have seen. the gods about the lamp,' then they tell him answer concerning that which they will be asked, if you wish to do it by yourself alone, (18) you fill your eyes with the ointment aforesaid; you stand up opposite the lamp when alight; you recite to it seven times with your eyes shut; when yon have finished, you open (19) your eyes; then you see the gods behind(?) you; you speak with them concerning that which you desire: you ought to do it in a dark place. The invocation which you recite, (20) formula: 'I am Manebai, Ghethethoni, Khabakhel, let me worship thee, the child of Arpithnapira, (21) Pileasa, Gnuriph-arisa, Teni-irissa, Psi, Psi, Irissa, (22) Gimituru-phus-sa, Okmatsisa, Oreobazagra, Pertaomekh, (23) Peragomekh, Sakmeph, come into me, and inquire for me about the inquiry which I am inquiring about, truthfully without (24) falsehood.' Its spirit-gathering: The ointment which you put on your eyes, when you are about to make any divination by the lamp.(25) You take some flowers of the Greek bean; you find them in the place of the lupin-seller; you take them fresh, (26) and put them into a lok of glass; you close its mouth very carefully for twenty days in a hidden dark place; after (27) twenty days you take it forth, you open it; then you find a pair (?) of testicles and a phallus inside it; you leave it for forty days; and you take it (28) forth; you open it; then you find that it has become bloody; you must put it into something of glass, and you put the glass thing into a pottery (thing) (29) in a place hidden at all times. When you wish to make a divination (?) by the lamp with it, you

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fill your eyes with this blood aforesaid, you proceed to lie down, (30) or you stand opposite the lamp; you recite this invocation aforesaid; then you see the god behind(?) you, while you are standing up or lying down. Excellent (bis) and tried (?). (31) You write this name on the strip of the wick of the lamp in myrrh ink, 'Bakhukhsikhukh,' or, as says another book, 'Kimeithoro Phosse'; (32)this method which is written above is the method, of the divination of Muribai. If you wish to do it (33) by inquiry of the lamp, this also is the form, it is also profitable for(?) the divination of Muribai. If you do it (34) by vessel-inquiry of the lamp, you fill the lamp aforesaid on a new brick; you make the boy stand upright (35) before the lamp, he having his face covered; you recite to his head, standing over him, this Greek invocation; when you have finished, you uncover (36) his face, then he answers you truthfully.

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