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(1, 2) The words of the lamp: 'Both, Theou, Ie, Oue, O-oe, Ia, Oua--otherwise, Theou, Ie, Oe, Oon, Ia, Oua--Phthakh, Eloe--otherwise, Elon, excellent (bis)--(3) Iath, Eon, Puriphae, Ieou, Ia, Io, Ia, Ioue, come down (4) to the light of this lamp and appear to this boy

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and inquire for me about that which I ask (5) here to-day, Iao, Iaolo, Therentho, Psikhimeakelo,(6) Blakhanspla, Iae, Ouebai, Barbaraithou, Ieou, Arponknouph, (7) Brintatenophri, Hea, Karrhe, Balmenthre, Menebareiakhukh, Ia, (8) Khukh, Brinskulma, Arouzarba, Mesekhriph, Niptoumikh, (9) Maorkharam, Ho! Laankhukh, Omph, Brimbainouioth, (10) Segenbai, Khooukhe, Laikham, Armioouth.' You say it, (11) it (sic) being pure, in this manner: 'O god that liveth, O lamp that is lighted, Takrtat, he of eternity, bring in (12) Boel!--Three times--'Arbeth-abi, Outhio, O great great god, bring Boel (13) in, Tat (bis), bring Boel in!' Three times. 'Takrtat, he of Eternity, bring (14) Boel in!' Three times. 'Barouthi, O great god, bring Boel in!' Three times.

(15) The invocation which you pronounce before Phre in the morning before reciting to the boy, in order that that which thou doest may succeed: (16) 'O great god, Tabao, Basoukham, Amo, Akhakharkhan-kraboun-zanouni--(17)edikomto, Kethou-basa-thouri-thmila-alo.' Seven times.

(18) Another method of it again: You rise in the morning from your bed early in the day on which you will do it, or any day, (19) in order that every thing which you will do shall prosper in your hand, you being pure from every abomination. You pronounce this invocation before Phre three times or seven times: (20) 'Io, Tabao, Sokhom-moa, Okh-okh-khan-bouzanau, An-(21)iesi, Ekomphtho, Ketho, Sethouri, Thmila, Alouapokhri,

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let everything (22) that I shall apply (?) my hand to here to-day, let it happen.' Its method: You take a new lamp in which no minium has been put and you (put) (23) a clean wick in it, and you fill it with pure genuine oil and lay it in a place cleansed with natron water and concealed, (24) and you lay it on a new brick, and you take a boy and seat him upon another new brick, his face being (25) turned to the lamp, and you close his eyes and recite these things that are (written) above down into the boy's head seven times. You make him (26) open his eyes. You say to him, 'Do you see the light?' When he says to you: 'I see the light in the flame of the lamp,' you cry at that moment saying: (27) 'Heoue' nine times. You ask him concerning everything that you wish after reciting the invocation that you made previously before Phre in the morning. (28) You do it in a place with (its) entrance open to the East, and put the face of the lamp turned (blank). You put the face of the boy (29) turned (blank) facing the lamp, you being on his left hand. You cry down into his head, you strike his head with your second finger, (that) of the ..., of your (30) right hand.

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