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(1) A potion. You take a little shaving of the head of a man who has died a violent death, (2) together with seven grains of barley that has been buried in a grave of a dead (?) man; you pound them with ten oipe, (3) otherwise nine, (of) apple-seeds (?); you add blood of a worm (?) of a black dog to them, with a little (4) blood of your second finger, (that) of the heart (?), of your left hand, and with your semen (?), and you (5) pound them together and put them into a cup of wine and add three uteh to it of (6) the first-fruits of the vintage, before you have tasted it and before they have poured out from it; and you pronounce this invocation to it seven times (7) and you make the woman drink it; and you tie the skin of the parasite aforesaid with a band of byssus (8) and tie it to your left arm. Its invocation formula: 'I am he of Abydos in truth, (9) by formation (?) (and?) birth in her (?) name of Isis the bringer (?) of fire, she of the mercy-seat of the Agathodaemon. (10) I am this figure of the sun, Sitamesro is my name. I am this

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figure of a Captain of the host, very valiant, this (11) Sword (?), this Overthrower (?), the Great Flame is my name. I am this figure of Horus, this Fortress (?), this Sword (?), this (12) Overthrower (?) is my name. I am this figure of One Drowned, that testifieth by writing, that resteth on die other side (?) here under (13) the great offering-table (?) of Abydos; as to which, the blood of Osiris bore witness to her (?) name of Isis when it (the blood) was poured into (14) this cup, this wine. Give it, blood of Osiris (that?) he (?) gave to Isis to make her feel love in her heart for him (15) night and day at any time, there not being time of deficiency. Give it, the blood of N. born of N. to give it (16) to N. born of N. in this cup, this bowl of wine to-day, to cause her to feel a love for him in her heart, (17)the love that Isis felt for Osiris, when she was seeking after him everywhere, let N. the daughter of N. feel it, (18) she seeking after N. the son of N. everywhere; the longing that Isis felt for Horus of Edfu, (19) let N. born of N. feel it, she loving him, mad after him, inflamed by him, seeking him (20) everywhere, there being a flame of fire in her heart in her moment of not seeing him.'

(21) Another method of doing it again. The paring (?) of your nail's point (?) from an apple-fruit (?), and blood (22) of your finger aforesaid again; you pound the apple and put blood on it, and put it in the cup of wine (23) and invoke it seven times, and make the woman drink it at the moment named.

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(24) [A spell] of going to meet a sovereign (?) when he fights with you and will not parley (?) with you. (25) 'Do not pursue me, thou! I am Papipetou Metoubanes. I am carrying (26) the mummy of Osiris and I am proceeding to take it to Abydos, (27) to take [it] to Tastai (?) and to deposit it in Alkhai; if N. deal blows at me, (28) I will cast it at him. 'Its invocation in Egyptian also is this as below; (29) 'Do not pursue me, N., I am Papipetu Metubanes. I am carrying the mummy of Osiris, (30) I am proceeding to take it to Abydos, to cause it to rest in Alkhah. If N. fight with me to-day, (31) I will cast it away.' Say seven times.

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