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(1) The mode of separating a man from a woman and a woman from her husband. (2) 'Woe! (bis), flame! (bis); Geb assumed his form of a bull, coivit [cum filia?] matris suae Tefnet, again. (3) because (?) the heart of his father cursed (?) his face; the fury of him whose soul is as flame, while his body is as a pillar (?), so that (?) he.........(4) fill the earth with flame and the mountains shoot with tongues (?):--the fury of every god and every goddess Ankh-uer, Lalat (?), (5) Bareshak, Belkesh, .... be cast upon (?) N. the son of N. [and (?)] N. the daughter of N., (6) send the fire towards his heart and the flame in his place of

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sleeping, the ... of fire of hatred never [ceasing to enter] (7) into his heart at any time, until he cast N. daughter of N. out of his abode, she having (?) (8) hatred to his heart, she having quarrel to his face; grant for him the nagging (?) and squabbling (?), the fighting and quarrelling between them (9) at all times, until they are separated from each other, without agreeing again for ever.' Gum, ..., (10) myrrh; you add wine to them; you make them into a figure of Geb, there being a was-sceptre in his hand.

(11)          [The uses (?)] of the shrew-mouse (?) to which it is put (goes). You take a shrew-mouse (?), you drown it in some water; you make the man drink (12) of it; then he is blinded in his two eyes. Grind its body (?) with any piece of food, you make the man eat it, then he makes a (13).... and he swells up and he dies. If you do it to bring a woman, you take a shrew-mouse (?), you place it on a Syrian (14) pot, you put it on the backbone (?) of a donkey, you put its tail in a Syrian pot or in a glass again; you let it loose (?) alive within (15) the door of a bath of the woman, you gild (?) it (sic) and embalm its tail, you add pounded myrrh to it, you

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put it in a gold ring (?), (16) you put it on your finger after reciting these charms to it, and walk with it to any place, and any woman whom you shall take hold of, she [giveth herself (?)] unto you.(17) You do it when the moon is full. If you do it to make a woman mad after a man, you take its body, dried, you pound [it, you] take (18) a little of it with a little blood of your second finger, (that) of the heart (?), of your left hand; you mix it with it, you put it(19) in a cup of wine; you give it to the woman and she drinks it; then she has a passion for you. You put its gall into a (measure of) wine (20) and the man drinks it; then he dies at once; or (you) put it into any piece [of food]. You put its heart (?) into a seal-ring(?) (21) of gold; you put it on your hand, and go anywhere; then it brings you [favour, love, and] reverence. You drown a hawk in (22) a (measure of) wine; you make the man drink it, then he dies. You put the gall of an Alexandrian [weasel] into any food, (23) then he dies. You put a two-tailed lizard into the oil and [cook] it, and anoint the man with it; then [he dies (?)]. (24) You wish to produce a skin-disease on a man and that it shall not be healed, a hantous-lizard[and (?)] a hafleele-lizard, you cook them with [oil (?)],(25) you wash the man with them. If you wish to make it troublesome (?), you put ...... then it is troublesome (?). You put beer(?) ..(26) to the eye of a man, then he is blinded.

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(27) The charms which you recite to the ring at the time of taking hold of the woman ..... 'Yaho, Abrasax, (28) may N. daughter of N. love me, may she burn for me by the way (?). 'You ...... Then she conveys herself (?) after you; you write it (29) again on the strip with which you wrap up the [shrew-mouse (?)].

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