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(1) [A method for making] a woman love a man. Opobalsamum, one stater (?); malabathrum, one stater (?). (2) kusht, one stater (?), scented ...., one stater (?); merue, one stater (?); genuine oil, two lok; you pound these [medicaments]. (3) You put them into a clean [vessel], you add the oil on the top of them one day before the lunar period (?); when the lunar period (?) (4) comes, you take a black Kesh...-fish measuring nine fingers--another says seven--in length, its eyes being variegated (?) of

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the colour of (?) the ... (5) [which you (?)] find in a water (?) ... you put it into this oil above-mentioned for two days; you recite this formula to it (the oil) at dawn, (6) before going [out of your] house, and before speaking to any man on earth. When two days have passed [you] (7) rise early in the morning [and go] to a garden; you take a vine-shoot before it has ripened grapes, (8) you take it with your left hand, you put it into your right hand--when it has grown seven digits (in length)--you carry it [into your] (9) house, and you take the [fish] out of the oil, you tie it by its tail with a strip (?) of flax, you hang it up to ... (10) of(?) the vine-wood. [You place] the thing containing oil under it until it (the fish) pours out by drops that which is in it downwards, (11) the vessel which is under [it] being on a new brick for another three days; when the three days have passed, you [take it] (12) down, you embalm [it] with myrrh, natron, and fine linen; you put it in a hidden place or in [your chamber]. (13) You pass two more days; you recite to the oil again for seven days; you keep it; when you [wish] (14) to make it do its work, you anoint your phallus and your face; you lie with the woman for whom you do it. (15) The spells which you recite to the oil. 'I am Shu, Klabano, I am Re, I am Komre, I am son of Re, I am (16) Sisht (?), son of Shu; a reed (?) of the water of On, this gryphon which is in Abydos. Thou (fem.) art Tepe-were (first, great) great of sorcery,

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[paragraph continues] (17) the living uraeus, thou art the sun-boat, the lake of Ua-peke; grant to me praise, love, and lordship before (18) every womb, every woman. Love(?) is my true name'. [Another (?)] invocation of it again: 'I am Shu, Klakinok, I am Iarn, (19) I am Gamren, I am Se ... Paer(?)ipaf, Iupen, Dynhs, Gamrou, water of On, I am (20) Shu, Shabu, Sha ..., Shabaho, Lahy-lahs, Lahei, the great god who is in the East (21) Labrathaa, I am that gryphon which is in Abydos.'

[Another] form of them (?) again (?) to give favour to a man before a woman and vice versa, before ... 'Thou art Thoueris, the great of sorcery, [cat (?)] of Ethiopia, daughter of Re, lady of the uraeus; thou art Sochmet, the great, lady of Ast, (23) who hast seized every impious person ... [eyeball (?)] of the sun in the uzat, born of the moon at the midmonth at night, thou art Kam (?) ... (24) mighty, abyss, thou art Kam (?).... great one (fem.) who art in the House of the obelisk in On; thou art the golden mirror, [thou art?] (25) the sektet-boat, the sun-boat of Re ... Lanza, the youth, the son of the Greek woman, the Amazon (?) in the ... (36) of dûm-palm fruit (?), these ..., of Bywekem; the favour and love which the sun, thy father, hath given to thee, send [them] (27) to me down into this oil, before the heart, and eyes of (?) every woman before whom I come in.' [Invocation] to a Kesh...-fish (28) of nine digits and black; [you put it] in an ointment of roses; you drown it therein; you

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take it [out], (29) you hang it up by [its] head [... days (?)]; when you have finished you put it on a glass vessel; you [add] a little water of sisymbrium (30) with a little amulet (?)-of-Isis ... and pounded; you recite this to it seven times for seven days opposite the rising of the sun. You anoint your head with [it] (31) in the hour when you lie with [any (?)]woman. [You] embalm the fish with myrrh and natron; you bury it in your chamber or in a hidden place.

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