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p. xv

List of Illustrations

"Sometimes a maiden held up an apple of gold to Niam and Usheen, as their slender white horse dashed across the waves of the ocean"



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"The hands of Pryderi and Rhiannon were held fast by the enchanted bowl, and their feet by the enchanted slab ; and their joyousness forsook them, and they could not utter a word"


"Merlin, changed into the appearance of a fair young squire, by degrees made acquaintance with Vivian, who told him who she was"


"And the chair was fastened to a wheel, and the wheel began to turn, and King Arthur went down, down among the floating things, and they wreathed themselves about him till he cried, 'Help! help!'"


"The brazen door made a sweet and soothing sound, and they went to sleep for three days and nights. On the fourth day a maiden came who was most beautiful. She greeted each man and said, 'It is long that we have expected you'"


"A demon hand sometimes uprose from the islet and plucked away men and even whole boats, which, when once grasped, usually by night, were never seen again, but perished helplessly"



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