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Author Biography

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HENRIETTE MERTZ, the author of PALE INK, was born in Chicago, studied law at John Marshall Law School, there received the degrees of Bachelor of Law and Master of Patent Law. In 1948, she was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws by Western College, Oxford, Ohio, in recognition of her work in International Law.

For twenty years, Miss Mertz has specialized in the field of International Patent Law, during the course of which she has had occasion to travel extensively in Europe and Latin America. On three occasions, she was a representative of the American Bar Association at Inter-American Bar Association Conferences. She has made fourteen trips to the interior of Mexico or South America and, in 1940, made an exploratory expedition to the headwaters of the Amazon River. Crossing the Cordillera of the high Andes five days on foot, coming down the eastern slope on balsa raft, she travelled the entire length of the Amazon to its mouth by dugout canoe and river boat. During World War II, Miss Mertz was commissioned a Lieutenant in the United States Naval Reserve, where she served on active duty as Special Assistant to the Advisor on Patent Matters for the Office of Scientific Research and Development. She is a member of the Society of Woman Geographers and is currently serving on its National Executive Board. She was one of the founders and on the original Board of Directors of the Mexican Chamber of Commerce of Illinois.

The writing of "Pale Ink" was undertaken because of her intense interest and affection for the Indian people, many of whom are close friends, and in wanting to help them solve some of the mysteries surrounding their early culture.



An important study of two ancient Chinese documents

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