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Pellucidar, first ed. dust jacket


by Edgar Rice Burroughs


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In this, the first (of many) sequels to At the Earth's Core, David Innes returns to Pellucidar, the world inside the Earth. Burroughs would revisit Pellucidar in later yarns with his consumate hero, Tarzan. But for now, this wraps up the first two Burroughs Hollow Earth novels nicely, as (spoiler alert) Innes saves the inner world and reclaims his lost love, Dian, from his arch-enemy.

Title Page
Chapter I. Lost On Pellucidar
Chapter II. Traveling With Terror
Chapter III. Shooting the Chutes—and After
Chapter IV. Friendship and Treachery
Chapter V. Surprises
Chapter VI. A Pendent World
Chapter VII. From Plight to Plight
Chapter VIII. Captive
Chapter IX. Hooja's Cutthroats Appear
Chapter X. The Raid on the Cave-Prison
Chapter XI. Escape
Chapter XII. Kidnapped!
Chapter XIII. Racing For Life
Chapter XIV. Gore and Dreams
Chapter XV. Conquest and Peace