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Koreshan Universology Is Predicated Upon an Absolutely Demonstrated Premise; the World Face to Face with a Radical Astronomical Revolution

KORESHANITY is universal science applied to all the concerns of practical life, involving the science of immortal life in the body. It includes the science of religion, founded upon an accurate knowledge of the structure and function of the cosmic organism. It embraces every department and phase of form and function in the universe, and is therefore Universology. It is predicated upon an absolutely demonstrated premise, a geometric figure which embraces three simple elements--the arc, chord, and radius, practically applied to earth measurement by a process which determines the contour of the surface of the earth in which we dwell, and the direction of its curvation. This is not theoretical, but applied geometry. This contour is found to be an upward instead of a downward curve, and thus it is diametrically opposite to the assumed convexity of the earth's surface. The world is therefore face to face with a radical astronomical revolution.

The earth is a concave sphere, the ratio of curvation

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being eight inches to the mile, thus giving a diameter of eight thousand, and a corresponding circumference of about twenty-five thousand miles. This fact is physically and mechanically demonstrated by placing a perpendicular post at any point on the surface of the earth, (though it were better to place it by the side of a surface of water,) and extending a straight line at right angles from this perpendicular. The line thus extended will strike the surface at any distance proportionate to the height of the vertical post.

"Hypothesis, or guesswork, indeed, lies at the foundation of all scientific knowledge," says the Standard Dictionary, quoting from Fiske's "Unseen World," page 3. The term science is derived from scire, to know; hence, science is the Latin term for knowledge. Science means knowledge, nothing more, nothing less. That which is founded upon hypothesis (assumption) is not science, nor should it be dignified by that title. The Copernican system of astronomy has its foundation in assumption,--this is conceded by all so called scientific astronomers. The Copernican system has never been demonstrated, therefore it is not scientific.

What does Koreshanity offer as a substitute for the gigantic fallacy and farce of the benighted Copernicus? First, it offers the fact that in experiments carefully made by the Koreshan Geodetic Staff at Naples, on the Gulf coast of Florida, the contour of the earth was proven to be diametrically the reverse of what is taught as true in the pseudo-science of modern times.

The surface of the earth is not convex. It appears

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to be so because of optical illusion. The only geodetic survey ever made for the purpose of determining whether the surface on which we dwell is convex or concave, was made by the Geodetic Staff of the Koreshan Unity in the year 1897. In this survey was corroborated conclusively the testimony given in 1870, that the earth is a hollow shell about eight thousand miles in diameter, and about twenty-five thousand miles in circumference.

The Form of the Universe, the Great Alchemico Organic World

The alchemico-organic (physical) world or universe is a shell composed of seven metallic, five mineral, and five geologic strata, with an inner habitable surface of land and water. This inner surface, as the reader already understands, is concave. The seven metallic layers or laminæ are the seven noble metals,--gold constituting the outermost rind of the shell. This shell or crust is a number of miles in thickness.

Within this shell are three principal atmospheres, the first or outermost (the one in which we exist) being composed chiefly of oxygen and nitrogen; the one immediately above that is pure hydrogen, and the one above the hydrogen atmosphere we have denominated aboron. Within this is the solar electromagnetic atmosphere, the nucleus of which is the stellar center. In and occupying these atmospheres are the sun and stars, also the reflections called the planets and the moon.

The planets are mercurial disci moving by electromagnetic impulse between the metallic laminæ or planes of the concave shell. They are seen through penetrable rays, ultra electro-magnetic, reflected or

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bent back in their impingement on spheres of substance regularly graduated as the stories in the heavens.

In the foregoing is presented a descriptive outline merely, of the alchemico-organo-cosmic form. It is not assumptive. Neither is it intended, in this synopsis, to prove the Koreshan Universology; the proofs and demonstrations of the System will be found in subsequent pages of this work.

Motion and Function

We have already outlined the general principles of form. We here insert this axiom: Form is a fundamental property of existence; therefore, that which has no form has no existence. Limitation is a property of form. The universe has existence; therefore it has form, hence it has limitation. While the above axiom partakes somewhat of the syllogistic method, it will be noticed that the objectionable feature of the syllogism is expunged; namely, the premise is not an assumption.

Motion obtains in everything throughout cosmic form. Nothing exists without motion. The atoms of the rock are constantly changing place with all other atoms. There is circulation in the bar of steel. The angular crystal atoms of the diamond are in motion, and in their circulation and impingement they generate electro-magnetic substance of the most delicate attenuation. All these circulations are regular and according to the fixed laws of order; therefore, while form exists according to definite principles of form, the laws of motion conform to and determine the principles and arrangement of organic relation and shape.

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Cause of Motion

The cause of alchemico-organic motion is remote and proximate. Before defining the laws and principles of motion, we will here briefly state that within the alchemico-organic world (cosmos) there resides the anthropostic or corresponding cosmos. These are two discrete spheres, yet they are co-ordinately one. The alchemico-organic cosmos (the physical world, the outline of which is given in preceding pages) is in the form of man; that is, in the egg or shell--man in the state of un-incubation.

The mass of humanity is in the same state, with this modification; the alchemico-organic cosmos is in space, and is therefore persistent; while its anthropostic co-ordinate embodies principles which merely correspond to space, and are not persistent in any one form. For instance: The seven metallic laminæ or plates comprising the general metallic rind of the macrocosmic shell are perpetual. These are the seven limitations of essences radiating from the stellar nucleus primarily, and from the solar limbus as the environment of the stellar nucleus. They constitute the deposit extremities of the seven essences, or the seven alchemico-organic spirits of radiation. The geologic strata through which the essences radiate are the conditions of chaos penetrated by the essences before they reach their extremities of metallic deposition and order.

The stellar nucleus is the center of space; the metallic laminæ are at the circumference of space. Correspondentially in humanity, the Lord Christ was the stellar Center, and his quality was the correspondent, in anthropostic being, of space in the

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alchemico-organic cosmos. In the progress of time in its relation to the development and progress of the race, the seven churches yet to be formulated into groups are the anthropostic depositions corresponding to the seven metallic plates. The seven churches are seven qualities of human characteristics and correspond to the seven planets, and therefore to the seven primary substratic laminæ of the cosmic crust.

By the remote cause of motion is meant the cause primary to the electro-magnetic substance created at and radiating from the stellar nucleus, antithetically generated at the circumference of the shell and converging to the nucleus. The cellular cosmos, or the great cosmic egg previously described, constitutes a great electro-magnetic battery which is purely physical, or, as denominated in Koreshan Science, alchemico-organic. The sun and stars are focalizations of physical spirit-substance, merging into matter materialized through voluminous and high-tension convergence.

There are at these centers constant concretion and sublimation. Spirit-substance is constantly materializing, and the temporary materialization is as rapidly changed to spirit-substance and is radiated. There is, therefore, a reciprocal interchange of substance from center and circumference. The spirit-substances engendered at the nucleus are radiated to the circumference, and are there solidified. At the circumference the surplus solidification is reduced again to spirit-substance and flows to the nucleus.

As there are seven metallic laminæ in the prime circumference, so there are seven prime metallic kinds of essence flowing toward and into the stellar nucleus.

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[paragraph continues] As these influxes are of seven distinct characteristic vibrations, so the nucleus has seven distinct degrees of essence, all meeting at one focal point in space, there turning back upon themselves and flowing out or radiating to the circumference and depositing at the environments of the cosmos. From the mineral laminæ, geologic strata, and water surface of the universal rind, there is also a corresponding and co-ordinate inflow or convergence to the stellar nucleus.

However, we find in this great universal battery, in its electro-magnetic power, but the proximate cause of its activity and form. Thus far there is no conscious and voluntary spirit-substance. Associated in co-operative being with this alchemico-organic cosmos is another half, endowed with voluntary and involuntary consciousness, co-existent and co-eternal. This voluntary and involuntary conscious existence, the acme of whose life is in the human brain, while prior and positive as to the momentum of this duplex cosmic structure, is only coincident as to its perpetuity. Neither existed prior to the other in the timic aspect of their co-ordination.

The proximate cause, then, of all the motions of the alchemico-organic cosmos is electro-magnetic substance produced reciprocally at the center and circumference of the great alchemico-organic battery, by the destruction of matter; for let it be reiterated and remembered, that spirit-substance is the result of the destruction of matter as matter; and that matter is the result of the destruction of spirit-substance as such. In other words, an atom of matter is the materialization of physical spirit-substance, and this substance is the dematerialization of matter. Both matter

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and spirit are substance. It will thus be seen that spirit-substance is not therefore a mere mode of motion or of vibration, but in reality is something in motion.

The Remote Cause of Physical Motion

We have hinted only, in a general way, at the proximate cause of the activities in the alchemico-organic cosmos. The term remote cause is here employed as being a cause remote from the electromagnetic essences upon which immediately depend the form, motions, and phenomena of the cosmic structure outlined in the foregoing. We are now to consider the very central and primary cause of all motion. This cause is mental. Not only is it mental, but it is voluntary and of the will.

There are two cosmic fields of form and function belonging to discrete degrees, but yet co-ordinate and interdependent. These are the alchemico-organic and the organo-vital. The first and lower is that which embraces the world as the earth, with the stars, sun, planets, atmosphere, etc.; the other, the higher, is the vegetable, animal, human, angelic, and God kingdoms. They are both co-eternal; neither existed before the other. The organo-vital is prior as to quality, and prior also as to its positive power to create and perpetuate.

The alchemico-organic field centers in the astral nucleus as the positive pole of its electro-magnetic essence; the organo-vital centers in the divine Man, the bright and morning Star, whence originate the voluntary redemptive will and creative power. The Lord Jesus is the representative nucleus of the regenerated manhood. The Lord Christ at the time of his manifestation was the center of the anthropostic

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universe, the source of being, the point and origin of creative power.

Cause of Motion From the Biblical and Theological Point of View

"He is the image of the invisible God, the first-born of every creature: for by him were all things created that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: and he is before all things, and by the all things consist; and is the head of the body, the church." (Col. i:15-18.)

There can be but one question regarding the above Scriptural declaration. Is it true? It is concise; sweeping, inclusive, conclusive, and lucid. Is the Lord Jesus the Christ of God what he declares himself to be, and what inspired men have declared him? Is he the Son of God? And does He embody, as the primary offspring of Deity, all the attributes of the parent? And more than this; in His development from men as the Son of man, did he absorb into himself the principles, attributes, life, form, and consciousness of the parent?

We hold that the Lord, as was declared of him, was the fulness of the Godhead bodily,--Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; and further, that when the Lord was visibly manifest to the outer world, his inner and spiritual life was visible to the spiritual world as the astro-biological center of that sphere, and beside him there was no God.

How could the Lord, being born an infant into the natural world only at the beginning of the age, be the cause of all things? The Lord was not only the reincarnation of Elijah (God the Lord), of Moses, of Abraham, of Noah, of Enoch, and of Adam, in a direct

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line, but of all who died looking to his coming as the Messiah and Son of God in the indirect lines of reincarnation. He gathered into himself the spirits of the past. He was also the pole of influx from the heavenly worlds, and constituted the rolling together of the heavens as a scroll. He was the Word infolded and sealed. "Him hath God the Father sealed."

Twenty-four thousand years before the beginning of the Christian age, conditions in the world were the same as then. God was manifest in the flesh, and the Lord of the Christian era was identical with the Adamic personality in the beginning of the 24,000-year cycle. The end and beginning of every grand Zodiacal cycle bring into visible and personal manifestation the Son of God, who is Father, Mother, and Son.

He, the Lord, was the individual or undivided man. He held within himself the Bride, for "He who hath the bride is the bridegroom." He was the biune, the two-in-one, the parent of himself, and also of the Sons of God. As the parent of Himself, High Father, he was Abram; as the Father of the Sons of God, he was and is Abraham. He being the very primate cause of all things, and possessing both the voluntary and involuntary power of creative being, it is seen that the cause of all things resides in voluntary mental substance, supplemented by the involuntary reflex of voluntary mental activity.

Precession of the Equinoxes as Related to Astro-biological Manifestations

When the ordinary "scientist" alludes to the precession of the equinoxes, he has reference merely to the sun's precessional movement; but every planet passes through a corresponding precession. The sun's precessional year is 24,000 years long. The precessional

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years of the planets are correspondingly longer, proportioned to the difference in their ordinary years. These precessional years constitute cycles of time that are definite and recurrent, and proportionate to the great complex, solar, lunar, planetary, and stellar precessions.

The movements in the alchemic-organic sphere have an astro-biological correspondence. The signs in the physical heavens mark definitely the manifestations which correspond to them in the astro-biologic field. Every 24,000 years there is a similar personal manifestation as the one constituting the beginning of the Christian era. Every 24,000 years there is such a manifestation as is now about to occur.

We are now approaching a great biologic conflagration. Thousands of people will dematerialize, through a biologic electro-magnetic vibration. This will be brought about through the direction of one mind, the only one who has a knowledge of the law of this bio-alchemical transmutation.

The change will be accomplished through the formation of a biological battery, the laws of which are known only to one man. This man is Elijah the Prophet, ordained of God, the Shepherd of the Gentiles. and the central reincarnation of the ages. From this conflagration will spring the Sons of God, the biune offspring of the Lord Jesus, the Christ and Son of God.

The Transposition of Mental Force to Physical "Energy"

When a man (the man) so understands the laws of life as to know their application, and through obedience to law overcomes the sensual tendencies of, his nature, he reaches the point of biologic absorptions The visible and tangible dematerializes, and the outer

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consciousness enters into unity and blends with the inner and spiritual. The visible man consumes and thus enters, by transabsorption, into the unity of the invisible Godhead, and, by descent, into the church prepared to receive the precipitate afflatus.

In the process of the dissolution of the visible structure, by which the matter of the tangible organism is dissolved, consumed, and reduced to spiritual substance called the Holy Spirit,--the substances (oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, sulphur, phosphorus, fluorine, chlorine, sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, cuprum, aluminum, iron, etc.) contained in the organic structure, together with the atmosphere and the free physical spirit-substances of space, enter the vortex of vibration, which consumes the body.

The consciousness of the man entering thus into the whirlpool of organic dissolution is not obliterated, but infolds by conjunctive unity with the central and interior mind, around which the outer consciousness had wrapped itself. This interior mind constitutes the very central consciousness of Deity, the heart of the anthro-biologic cosmos. Radiating from this afferent absorption, the gravic spirit in its efferent distribution baptizes such minds as are prepared to receive the divine overshadowing, called the Holy Spirit.

Every overshadowing of the primary seven successive baptisms proceeds directly, not from an invisible "oversoul," but from the tangible personality. The Holy Spirit shed upon the world (the church) in the beginning of the age, proceeded from the visible Lord in his conversion from matter to spirit. If the Lord

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had not been personal, there could not have obtained the dissolution of his body and its conversion to Holy Spirit; and therefore the afflatus (the "oversoul") could not have obtained.

But the vortical involution, the anthropostic, took place in alchemico-organic (physical) space; therefore it involved the material elements not included in the organo-vital structure, and the vibrations were communicated to the elements and essences of the alchemico-organic cosmos, converging toward and into the stellar nucleus of the alchemico-organic world, and radiating to its circumferences.

It is thus that the conscious mental nucleus of the anthropostic imparts momentum to the activities of what has been denominated the physical universe. The impulse ceases to be mental substance as soon as the influence of correlation has mutated the vibration of mental substance to the vibration of alchemico-organic (physical) motion.

We do not employ the term vibration as it is usually employed in common psychical or physical "science;" with us, vibration signifies not merely motion imparted to atoms or essences, but the dissolving of molecules and atoms, and their conversion to spirit-substance in the various degrees, and vice versa. It is thus observed that a reciprocal relation exists between the anthro-biologic (organo-vital) and the alchemico-organic worlds, and that the electromagnetic essences active in the latter are the result of a continuous, primary, voluntary mental essence generated in the human mind, dependent on the material basis (brains); these two co-ordinate fields of operation being co-eternal.

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Cause of Motion of Planetary Disci

There are seven primary, movable, mercurial disci floating between the metallic plates or laminæ. The momentum is imparted through the operation of the actinic radiations from the astral nucleus, projected through the solar influence. These radiations penetrate the geologic, mineral, and metallic strata.

As the sun radiates its substance in the form of a cone, the apex of which is at the solar center, and the base at the metallic strata, the impression made upon the strata is in the form of a circular area. There is an impression of the alternate influence of caloric and cruosic substance, the one expansile, the other contractile. This movement follows the rotation of solar motion, therefore there is necessarily a peristaltic or vermicular motion imparted to the metallic plates or laminæ.

The alternate action of the actinic radiations of calorine and cruosine produces discular vacui between the plates, which are filled with mercurial amalgam. These act as reflectors, throwing back into the heavens the forms of the disci against the atmospheres, so that in looking toward the heavens we behold these disci through the operation of the laws of reflection, and are thus enabled to comprehend how the Lord "spreadeth out the heavens . . . as a molten looking-glass."

Knowledge of Universal Form Necessary

A knowledge of the structural form and function of the alchemico-organic (physical) cosmos is the key to our knowledge of the principles which must govern the organization of society in the culminating kingdom of righteousness. The importance of a knowledge of

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universal form and function, as pertaining to the alchemico-organic cosmos, will be admitted when the mind is sufficiently amplified to comprehend the relationship of the alchemico-organic macrocosm to the organo-vital macrocosm (the Grand Man), as pertaining to and comprising the universal mass of human existence.

The individual (undivided) man (such a man was the Lord) is the archetype of creation. What He was in the least form, the alchemico-organic world is in its greatest form; and what he was in that form, so also is the final Theocratic Kingdom in the earth, namely, in the form and function of the man. Therefore, we discover that the true interpretation of the alchemico-organic cosmos is the revelation of the mysteries of Deity; for as the outward and most material structure is but the expressed thought of the voluntary and involuntary mental cause producing it, so a knowledge of this expressed and manifest language reveals the history of human origin and destiny.

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