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Παιδεσ, ἄφωνοσ ἐοῖσα τόδ᾽ ἐννέπω, αἴ τισ ἔρνται,
     Φωνὰν ἀκαμάταν κατθέμενα πρὸ ποδῶν,
Ἀιθοπίᾳ με κόρᾳ Λατοῦσ ἀνέθηκεν Ἀρίστα
     Ἐρμοκλειδαία τῶ Σαοναϊάδα,
σὰ πρόπολοσ, δέσποινα γυναικῶν, ᾆ σὺ χαρεῖσα
     πρόφρων ἁμετέρον εἰκκλέϊσον γενεάν. [transcription]

Maidens, although I am dumb, yet thus I speak, if any ask and place at your feet one with an untiring voice: To Aethopia the daughter of Leto was I consecrated by Arista, daugther of Hermocleides Saonaiades, thy servent, O queen of women; whom mayest thou bless and deign to glorify our house.

From the Greek Anthology. It is a difficult and obscure piece. Bergk has not attempted to restore the Aeolic form.

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