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Explanatory and Illustrative and Excursus

A list of terms used in the Priapeia as designations of Priapus

Assiduus custos ruris--assiduous protector of the farm
Custos horti--the garden protector
Custos hortorum--protector of gardens
Custos rari nemoris--guardian of a little grove
Destitutor inguinum--forsaker of the inguinal organ
Deus posito pudore--deity without shame
Deus minor--inferior deity
Ficus--fig tree
Ligneus custos cucurbitarum--wooden guardian of gourds
Ligneus deus--wooden god
Marmoreus Priapus--a marble Priapus
Membrosior aequo--larger membered than is usual
Mentulatus deus--the god with well-hung mentule
Nervus tentus Priapus--stiff-nerved Priapus
Nudus Priapus--naked Priapus
Numen pusillum ruris culti--a paltry rustic deity of scant culture
Numen vilius inter cunctos deos--the lowest deity amongst all the gods
Rigidus deus--the god of the standing prickle, the rigid god
Ruber et valens--ruddy and vigorous
Ruber hortorum custos--the ruddy protector of gardens
Rusticus custos--rustic guardian
Salax deus--lecherous god
Sanctus--venerable, sacred, holy one
Sanctus Priapus--sacred Priapus
Siligineus Priapus--a wheaten Priapus
Terribilis deus--the awe-inspiring god
Tutela diligens pomarii--Faithful protector of orchards
Triphallus--a threefold phallus
Vappa--a good-for-naught

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