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A Monthly Magazine devoted to Philosophy, Science, Religion, Eastern Thought, Occultism, Theosophy and the Brotherhood of Humanity.

The Word is a magazine appearing monthly, with 64 pages, in large type, easily readable. It is not intended to furnish additions to the fugitive literature that fills the market. The Word is a magazine for people who think.

Many think; but along what lines? A passing picture, a stray word, a fugitive thought caught up by them sets in motion a long train of dreamy, unfashioned, unfinished thoughts. These readers, too, need not leaf through the pages of The Word. THE WORD is for the people who want to think.

THE WORD is for the people who want to see. Almost anybody is willing to look. That is not enough. One must want to look intently, must want to see.

Then it will be seen that this little world floats in an occult world; nay, is supported on all sides by occult worlds, that occult worlds reach into it from everywhere and everywhen. For those alone who want to consciously see this and consciously think of this, for those alone The Word is published, to those The Word is indeed a HIEROS LOGOS. It is a store of treasures of incomparable value.

Here for the first time has been published The Secret Science of the Zodiac. Up to August, 1907, thirty-three articles have been written by an unnamed author on The Secret Science of the Zodiac. Facts, things, truths, of hidden import have been stated here so plainly and simply that some may now perceive them and their occult meaning and

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occult value; to the unseeing or unthinking, they remain as unrelated and unsuspected as ever. THE SECRET SCIENCE OF THE ZODIAC is the THEOSOPHY OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

The future will bring, as did the past, articles by the Platonist, Dr. Alexander Wilder, in whose pen is stored up the experience of sixty years of platonic enthusiasm. The old theosophist, Dr. Franz Hartmann, author of "Magic, White and Black," and an old time friend of Madame Blavatsky, will continue to write for The Word. Knut M. Pauli will continue the "Correspondences between the Human Soul, Numbers, Geometry, Music, Color, Astronomy, Chemistry, and the Human Body," and their practical application to modern problems. The Kabbalist, Nurho de Manhar, will continue to translate and comment on the Sepher Ha-Zohar, or Book of Light, and Eduard Herrmann and T. R. Prater will each continue his articles and translations from German Mystics. "Our Magazine Shelf" brings its usual impartial criticism from a theosophical view of contemporaneous books coming under the subjects to which the magazine is devoted. "A Friend" will continue "Moments with Friends."

The Word is not an experiment. Examine any of the five volumes which are completed.





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Published by the THEOSOPHICAL

Yoga, or Transformation. By William J. Flagg; cloth, $3.00.

The Mind and Brain. By Prof. Elmer Gates; cloth, 50 cents; paper, 25 cents.

Have You a Strong Will? By Charles G. Leland; cloth, $1.50.

The Perfect Way. By Anna Bonus Kingsford; cloth, $2.50.

Life, Times, and Philosophy of Plotinos. By Dr. Kenneth S. Guthrie; cloth, 75 cents.

The Gospel of Apollonius of Tyana. By Dr. Kenneth S. Guthrie; cloth, 75 cents.

The Ocean of Theosophy. By William Q. Judge; cloth, 75 cents; paper, 50 cents.

Reincarnation, a Study of Forgotten Truth. By E. D. Walker; cloth, $1.50.

Brotherhood, Nature's Law. By Burcham Harding; cloth, 50 cents.

Light on the Path. By Mabel Collins; cloth, 50 cents; leather, 75 cents.

Treatise on Light on the Path. By P. Srinivasa Row; cloth, 75 cents.

The Voice of the Silence. By H. P. Blavatsky; cloth, 50 cents; leather, 75 cents.

The Bhagavad Gita. By Wm. Q. Judge; leather, 75 cents.

Thoughts on the Bhagavad Gita. By A. Brahmin, F.T.S.; cloth, $1.25.

Reincarnation in the New Testament. By James M. Pryse; cloth, 60 cents; paper, 35 cents.

Letters That Have Helped Me. By Jasper Niemand; cloth, vol. 1, 50 cents; vol. 2, 75 cents.

The Memory of Past Births. By Charles Johnson, M.R.A.S.; cloth, 50 cents; paper, 25 cents.

The Idyll of the White Lotus. By Mabel Collins; cloth, $1.00.

Thoughts on the Spiritual Life. By Jacob Boehme; cloth, 75 cents.

Jacob Boehme, an Appreciation. By Alexander Whyte; cloth, 75 cents.

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The Altar in the Wilderness. By Ethelbert Johnson; cloth, 50 cents; paper, 25 cents.

The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary. By A. E. Waite; cloth, $1.25.

Pythagoras. By Edouard Schuré; cloth, $1.50.

Jesus, the Last Great Initiate. By Edouard Schuré; cloth, $1.25.

Krishna and Orpheus. By Edouard Schuré; cloth, $1.25.

The Sermon on the Mount. By James M. Pryse; cloth, 60 cents.

Laotze's Wu-Wei. By Henri Borel; cloth, $1.00.

Laotze's Book of the Simple Way. By Walter G. Old, M.R.A.S.; cloth, $1.25.

Louis Claude de St. Martin. By A. E. Waite; cloth, $1.75.

Kabbalah Unveiled. By S. L. MacGregor Mathers, $3.50.

The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra Melin, the Mage. By S. L. MacGregor Mathers; cloth, $5.00.

Transcendental Magic. By Eliphas Levy; cloth, $5.00.

The Mysteries of Magic. By Eliphas Levy; cloth, $3.50.

Occult Science in India. By Louis Jacolliot; cloth, $2.50.

Magic White and Black. By Franz Hartmann, M. D.; cloth, $ 2.

The Life and Doctrines of Paracelsus. By Franz Hartmann, M.D.; cloth, $2.50.

Hermetic and Alchemical Writings of Paracelsus. By A. E. Waite; cloth, 2 quarto vols., $18.00.

The Real History of the Rosicrucians. By A. E. Waite; cloth, $2.50.

The Mahabharata. By Manmatha N. Dutt; 10 vols., cloth, $60.00.

The Ramayana. By Protap Chandra Roy; 3 vols., cloth, $18.00.

The Panchadasi. By N. Dhole, L.M.S.; cloth, $3.00.

Selections from Buddha. By Max Muller; cloth, 75 cents.

Flaxius, Leaves from the Life of an Immortal. By Charles G. Leland; cloth, $1.75.

Brotherhood of Healers. James L. Macbeth Bain; cloth, 50 cents.

Descriptive Illustrated Catalogue on Application.


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