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Pythagoras, detail of The School of Athens, by Raffaello Sanzio  [1509] (Public Domain Image)

Pythagoras and the Delphic Mysteries

by Edouard Schuré


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This is a short biography of Pythagoras, written from a Theosophical, esoteric perspective. No actual texts of Pythagoras have survived: we only have second hand summaries and pastiches, such as the Golden Verses. However, his impact on successive thinkers has been enormous. This work serves as a short, readable introduction to the man, his thought and times, and the modern esoteric interpretation of his place in the history of ideas.

Title Page
Chapter I. Greece in the Sixth Century
Chapter II. Years of Travel
Chapter III. The Temple of Delphi—The Science of Apollo—Theory of Divination—The Pythoness Theoclea
Chapter IV. The Order and the Doctrine
Chapter V. Marriage of Pythagoras—Revolution at Croton—The Master's End—The School and its Destiny