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Apollonius of Tyana (Public Domain Image)
Apollonius of Tyana (Public Domain Image)

The Treatise of Eusebius Against the Life of Apollonius by Philostratus

by Eusebius

tr. F.C Conybeare


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The early Christians saw Apollonius as a potential competitor. Eusebius wrote this polemic against the Life of Apollonius of Philostratus. His bottom line is that Apollonius was a sage of some sort, and a human being, not immortal or a demi-god. He mocks Apollonius' status as a great philosopher, claims that Apollonius used evil magic, and ridicules the (admittedly far-fetched) details of the account of his visit to India.

This text is one of the two extras in the second volume of the Loeb Philostratus.

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