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Apollonius of Tyana (Public Domain Image)
Apollonius of Tyana (Public Domain Image)

The Epistles of Apollonius of Tyana

by Apollonius

tr. F.C Conybeare


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Philostratus |  Epistles of Apollonius |  Eusebius

You should try to be poor as an individual, but to be rich as a member of humanity.--Apollonius, Epistle XXII.

Think globally, act locally; Apollonius of Tyana was called, even in his day, a 'citizen of the world.' Befitting this, he seemed to have voluminous correspondence over a wide region. These are among the few actual writings attributed directly to him; a grab-bag of correspondence with other thinkers, his relatives, friends, merchants, kings, cities who wanted him to visit, and so on. He is friendly, concise, and frank; this is punctuated by invective which seems discontinuous. It is unknown how many of these epistles are genuine.

This text is one of the two extras in the second volume of the Loeb Philostratus.

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