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Hymns of the Eastern Church, by J.M. Neale, [1884], at

p. 223

Canon for Ascension Day


Hirmos. "HIM OF THE FATHER." *

by S. Joseph of the Studium

τὸν ἐν δυσὶ ταῖς οὐσίαις.

O   f twofold natures, Christ, the Giver
      Of immortality and love,
    Ascendeth to the Father's glory,
      Ascendeth to the Throne above:
        Wherefore He, this glorious morn,
          Be by all ador'd:
        Thou That liftest up our horn,
          Holy art Thou, Lord!

p. 224

S   laves are set free, and captives ransom’d:
      The Nature that He made at first
    He now presenteth to the Father,
      The chains of her damnation burst:
        This the cause that He was born,
          Adam's race restor’d:
        Thou That liftest up our horn,
          Holy art Thou, Lord!

E   mptied awhile of all His brightness,
      He enter’d thus the glorious fight;
    O’erthrew the foe, mankind exalted
      Far above every Pow’r and Might:
        Therefore bare He pains and scorn,
          Calvary's heart-blood pour’d:—
        Thou That liftest up our horn,
          Holy art Thou, Lord!

p. 225


P   raising the Lord they stood, the Martyr Three,
    Untouch’d amidst the fire, and wholly free:
    With them associate, let the world's wide frame
    To Him Whose healing dew restrain’d the flame,
    Send up the hymn of praise, and magnify His Name!


223:* I have specified this Hirmos, because the reader can see it by turning back to page 133.

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