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Hymns of the Eastern Church, by J.M. Neale, [1884], at

p. 64


by S. Anatolius.

μέγα καὶ παράδοξον θαῦμα.

A great and mighty wonder!
  A full and holy cure!
The Virgin bears the Infant,
  With Virgin-honour pure!

The Word becomes Incarnate,
  ( *) And yet remains on high:
And Cherubim sing anthems
  To shepherds from the sky.

p. 65

And we with them triumphant
  Repeat the hymn again:
"To God on high be glory,
  And peace on earth to men!"

While thus they sing your Monarch,
  Those bright angelic bands,
Rejoice, ye vales and mountains!
  Ye oceans, clap your hands!

Since all He comes to ransom,
  By all be He adored,
The Infant born in Bethlehem,
  The Saviour and the Lord!

And idol forms shall perish,
  And error shall decay,
And Christ shall wield His sceptre,
  Our Lord and God for aye.

[In Mr. Young's book. Melody of Christus der ist mein Leben. Harmony by M. Vulpius, 1609.]


64:* Compare S. Thomas: Verbum supernum prodiens, Nec Patris linquens dexteram.

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