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This book was dedicated to 5415 Domnion and Rogatianus, about a.d. 388. Jerome points out the advantages he enjoyed, in living in Palestine, for obtaining correct information on matters illustrative of Scripture, especially the names of places. The mss. of the LXX. on such points were so corrupt that occasionally three names were run into one, and “you would think that you had before you, not a heap of Hebrew names, but those of some foreign and Sarmatian tribe.” Jerome had sent for a Jew, highly esteemed among his brethren, from Tiberias, and, after “examining him from top to toe,” had, by his aid, emended the text and made the translation. But he had not the critical knowledge to guard him against supposing that the Books of Chronicles are “the Book of the Chronicles of the Kings of Judah,” referred to in the Books of Kings.



See Preface to Ezra (Vulgate).

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