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26. It is related also that vinegar was given Him to drink, or wine mingled with myrrh which is bitterer than gall. Hear what the Prophet has foretold of this: “They gave Me gall to eat, and when I was thirsty they gave Me vinegar to drink.” 3340 Agreeably with which Moses, even in his day, said to the people, “Their vine is of the vineyards of Sodom, and their branch of Gomorrah; their grape is a grape of gall, and their cluster a cluster of bitterness.” 3341 And again, the Prophet upbraiding them says, “Oh foolish people and unwise, have ye thus requited the Lord?” 3342 Moreover, in the Canticles the same things are foretold, where even the garden in which the Lord was crucified is indicated: “I have come into my garden, my sister, my spouse, and have gathered in my myrrh.” 3343 Here the Prophet has plainly set forth the wine mingled with myrrh which the Lord has given Him to drink.



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