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Chapter XCIII.

John 2740 of Antioch first grammarian, and then Presbyter, wrote against those who assert that Christ is to be adored in one substance only and do not admit that two natures are to be recognized in Christ. He taught according to the Scriptural account that in Him God and man exist in one person, and not the flesh and the Word in one nature.

He likewise attacked certain sentiments of Cyril, bishop of Alexandria, unwisely 2741 delivered by Cyril against Nestorius, which now are an encouragement and give strength to the Timotheans. 2742 He is said to be still living and preaching.



Flourished 477–495.


unwisely T 25 30 31 e; unwisely saying A? a?


Timotheans A T 25 30 31 a e 21 etc; add which is absurd Fabr. Migne, Her.

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