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Chapter LXXVIII.

Victor, 2707 bishop of Cartenna in Mauritania, wrote one long book against the Arians, which he sent to king Genseric by his followers, as I learned from the preface to the work, 2708 and a work On the repentance of the publican, 2709 in which he drew up a rule of life for the penitent, according to the authority of Scriptures. He also wrote a consolatory work to one Basilius, On the death of a son, filled with resurrection hope and good counsel. He also composed many Homilies, which have been arranged as continuous works and are as I know, made use of by brethren anxious for their own salvation.



Victor of Cartenna (Tenez Afr.) bishop about 450.


which he sentwork A T 30 31 e 21 Fabr.; omit 25 a Her.


publican Fabr. Migne, Her.: On public penance, A T 30 31 a? e?: omit publican 25 Bamb Bern. the oldest editions.

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