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Chapter 18.—21.  Certainly in all these things, as you can learn or refresh your memory by reading his letter, he has given free scope to the impulse of his tongue, with all the license of boasting which he chose to use, but nowhere has he told us where means are to be found for cleansing the conscience of the recipient, when that of the giver has been stained with sin without his knowing it.  But amid all his noise, and after all his noise, serious as it is, too terrible as he himself supposes it to be, I deliberately, as it is said, and to the purpose, 2372 ask this question once again:  If the conscience of him who gives in holiness is what we look for, what means are to be found for cleansing one who receives baptism without knowing that the conscience of the giver is stained with sin?  And throughout his whole epistle I find nothing said in answer to this question.



Lente, ut dicitur, et bene.  Morel (Element. Crit. pp. 140, 141) suggests as an amendment, "lene," as suiting better with "lente."

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