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Chapter 44.—103.  Petilianus said:  "For we, as it is written, when we are baptized, put on Christ who was betrayed; 2123 you, when you are infected, put on Judas the betrayer."

104.  Augustin answered:  I also might say, You when you are infected put on Optatus the betrayer, the robber, the oppressor, the separater of husband and wife; but far be it from me that the desire of returning an evil word should provoke me into any falsehood:  for neither do you put on Optatus, nor we Judas.  Therefore, if each one who comes to us shall answer to our questions that he has been baptized in the name of Optatus, he shall be baptized in the name of Christ; and if you baptized any that came from us and said that they had been baptized in the name of the traitor Judas, in that case we have no fault to find with what you have done.  But if they had been baptized in the name of Christ, do you not see what an error you commit in thinking that the sacraments of God can undergo change through any changeableness of human sins, or be polluted by defilement in the life of any man?



Gal. iii. 27.

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