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Chapter 29.—31.  These things, brethren, I would have you retain as the basis of your action and preaching with untiring gentleness:  love men, while you destroy errors; take of the truth without pride; strive for the truth without cruelty.  Pray for those whom you refute and convince of error.  For the prophet prays to God for mercy upon such as these, saying, "Fill their faces with shame, that they may seek Thy name, O Lord."  1966   And this, indeed, the Lord has done already, so as to fill the faces of the followers of Maximianus with shame in the sight of all mankind:  it only remains that they should learn how to blush to their soul’s health.  For so they will be able to seek the name of the Lord, from which they are turned away to their utter destruction, whilst they exalt their own name in the place of that of Christ.  May ye live and persevere in Christ, and be multiplied, and abound in the love of God, and in love towards one another, and towards all men, brethren well beloved.



Ps. lxxxiii. 16.

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