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Chapter 15.—16.  Look at the states of Musti 1947 and Assura: 1948   there are many still remaining in this life and in this province who have severed themselves, and many from whom they have severed themselves; many who have erected an altar, and many against whom that altar has been erected; many who have condemned, and many who have been condemned; who have received, and who have been received; who have been baptized outside, and not baptized again within:  if all these things in the cause of unity defile, let the defiled hold their tongues; if these things in the cause of unity do not defile, let them submit to correction, and terminate their strife.



Musti is in ecclesiastical province of Numidia.


Assura is in ecclesiastical province of Zeugitana.  See Treatise on Baptism, Book VII. c. 32.

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