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Chapter 30.—57.  Another Januarius of Vicus Cæsaris 1700 said:  "If error does not obey truth, much more does truth refuse assent to error; and therefore we stand by the Church in which we preside, so that, claiming her baptism for herself alone, we baptize those whom the Church has not baptized." 1701

58.  We answer:  Whom the Church baptizes, those that rock baptizes outside which are all they who hear the words of Christ and do them not.  Let all, therefore, be baptized again who have been baptized by such.  But if this is not done, then, as we recognize the baptism of Christ in these, so should we recognize it in heretics, though we either condemn or correct their unrighteousness and error.



Vicus Cæsaris, probably of ecclesiastical province of Byzacium.  This Bp. Januarius may be the second of that name in Cypr. Ep. lxvii., and is to be distinquished from Bp. Januarius of Lambæse, ch. xiii. 20.


Conc. Carth. sec. 23.

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