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Chapter 11.—16.  Novatus of Thamugadis 1608 said:  "Though we know that all Scripture gives its testimony respecting saving baptism, yet we ought to express our belief that heretics and schismatics, coming to the Church with the semblance of having been baptized, ought to be baptized in the unfailing fountain; and that therefore, according to the testimony of the Scriptures, and according to the decree of those most holy men, our colleagues, 1609 all schismatics and heretics who are converted to the Church ought to be baptized; and that, moreover, all that seemed to have received ordination should be admitted as simple laymen."

17.  Novatus of Thamugadis has stated what he has done, but he has brought forward no proofs by which to show that he ought to have acted as he did.  For he has made mention of the testimony of the Scriptures, and the decree of his colleagues, but he has not adduced out of them anything which we could consider.



Thamugadis (Thamogade), a town in Numidia, on the east side of Mount Aurasius.  The whole opinion of Novatus (Conc. Carth. sec. 4), is omitted in the Mss.


The words in Cyprian are, "secundum decretum collegarum nostrorum sanctissimæ memoriæ virorum."  The decree referred to is one of the Council held by Agrippinus.

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