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Chapter 27.—"From Him" And "Of Him" Do Not Mean The Same Thing.

But "from Him" does not mean the same as "of Him." 1108   For what is of Him may be said to be from Him; but not everything that is from Him is rightly said to be of Him.  For from Him are heaven and earth, because He made them; but not of Him because they are not of His substance.  As in the case of a man who begets a son and makes a house, from himself is the son, from himself is the house, but the son is of him, the house is of earth and wood.  But this is so, because as a man he cannot make something even of nothing; but God of whom are all things, through whom are all things, in whom are all things, had no need of any material which He had not made to assist His omnipotence.



Ex ipso and de ipso.

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