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Chapter 31.—God Uses Rather Than Enjoys Us.

34. And on this ground, when we say that we enjoy only that which we love for its own sake, and that nothing is a true object of enjoyment except that which makes us happy, and that all other things are for use, there seems still to be something that requires explanation.  For God loves us, and Holy Scripture frequently sets before us the love He has towards us.  In what way then does He love us?  As objects of use or as objects of enjoyment?  If He enjoys us, He must be in need of good from us, and no sane man will say that; for all the good we enjoy is either Himself, or what comes from Himself.  And no one can be ignorant or in doubt as to the fact that the light stands in no need of the glitter of the things it has itself lit up.  The Psalmist says most plainly, “I said to the Lord, Thou art my God, for Thou needest not my goodness.” 1743   He does not enjoy us then, but makes use of us.  For if He neither enjoys nor uses us, I am at a loss to discover in what way He can love us.



Ps. 16.2 (LXX.).

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