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Chapter 19.—Of the 69th Psalm, in Which the Obstinate Unbelief of the Jews is Declared.

But when the Jews will not in the least yield to the testimonies of this prophecy, which are so manifest, and are also brought by events to so clear and certain a completion, certainly that is fulfilled in them which is written in that psalm which here follows.  For when the things which pertain to His passion are prophetically spoken there also in the person of Christ, that is mentioned which is unfolded in the Gospel:  “They gave me gall for my meat; and in my thirst they gave me vinegar for drink.” 1110   And as it were after such a feast and dainties in this way given to Himself, presently He brings in [these words]:  “Let their table become a trap before them, and a retribution, and an offence:  let their eyes be dimmed that they see not, and their back be always bowed down,” 1111 etc.  Which things are p. 357 not spoken as wished for, but are predicted under the prophetic form of wishing.  What wonder, then, if those whose eyes are dimmed that they see not do not see these manifest things?  What wonder if those do not look up at heavenly things whose back is always bowed down that they may grovel among earthly things?  For these words transferred from the body signify mental faults.  Let these things which have been said about the Psalms, that is, about king David’s prophecy, suffice, that we may keep within some bound.  But let those readers excuse us who knew them all before; and let them not complain about those perhaps stronger proofs which they know or think I have passed by.



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