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Chapter II. 2389 —The Second Commandment: Gross Sin Forbidden.

1. And the second commandment of the Teaching; 2. Thou shalt not commit murder, thou shalt not commit adultery, 2390 thou shalt not commit pæderasty, 2391 thou shalt not commit fornication, thou shalt not steal, 2392 thou shalt not practice magic, thou shalt not practice witchcraft, thou shalt not murder a child by abortion nor kill that which is begotten. 2393 Thou shalt not covet the things of thy neighbour, 2394 3. thou shalt not forswear thyself, 2395 thou shalt not bear false witness, 2396 thou shalt not speak evil, thou shalt bear no grudge. 2397 4. Thou shalt not be double-minded nor double-tongued; for to be double-tongued is a p. 378 snare of death. 2398 5. Thy speech shall not be false, nor empty, but fulfilled by deed. 2399 6. Thou shalt not be covetous, nor rapacious, nor a hypocrite, nor evil disposed, nor haughty. Thou shalt not take evil counsel against thy neighbour. 2400 7. Thou shalt not hate any man; but some thou shalt reprove, 2401 and concerning some thou shalt pray, and some thou shalt love more than thy own life. 2402  



The chapter, except this opening sentence and part of verse 7, is found in Apostolic Constitutions, vii. 2–5; but the precepts are separated and enlarged upon.  


Exod. 20:13, 14.  


Or, “corrupt boys,” as in the version of Apostolic Constitutions.  


Ex. xx. 15.  


Comp. Exod. 21:22, 23. The Codex reads γεννηθέντα, which Schaff renders “the new-born child.” Bryennios substitutes γεννηθέν, which is accepted by most editors, and rendered as above.  


Ex. xx. 17.  


Matt. v. 34.  


Ex. xx. 16.  


Rendered “nor shalt thou be mindful of injuries” in version of Apostolic Constitutions.  


So Barnabas, xix.  


Verse 5, except the first clause, occurs only here.  


Latter half of verse 6 in Barnabas, xix.  


Lev. xix. 17; Apostolic Constitutions.  


Or, “soul.” The last part of the clause is found in Barnabas; but “and concerning some…pray, and some” has no parallel. An interesting verse in its literary history.  

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