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Chap. XXXV.

This edict was promulgated at Nicomedia on the day preceding the kalends of May, 1987 in the eighth consulship of Galerius, and the second of Maximin Daia. Then the prison-gates having been thrown open, you, my best beloved Donatus, 1988 together with the other confessors for the faith, were set at liberty from a jail, which had been your residence for six years. Galerius, however, did not, by publication of this edict, obtain the divine forgiveness. In a few days after he was consumed by the horrible disease that had brought on an universal putrefaction. Dying, he recommended his wife and son to Licinius, and delivered them over into his hands. This event was known at Nicomedia before the end of the month. 1989 His vicennial anniversary was to have been celebrated on the ensuing kalends of March. 1990  



30th of April.  


[See p. 301, supra, and p. 316, infra.]  




1st of March following.  

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