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Chapter XXVI.—Of the Parting of Brethren.

You will not dismiss a brother who has entered your house without prayer.—“Have you seen,” says Scripture, “a brother? you have seen your Lord;” 8931 —especially “a stranger,” lest perhaps he be “an angel.”  But again, when received yourself by brethren, you will not make 8932 earthly refreshments prior to heavenly, for your faith will forthwith be judged. Or else how will you—according to the precept 8933 —say, “Peace to this house,” unless you exchange mutual peace with them who are in the house?



I have ventured to turn the first part of the sentence into a question. What “scripture” this may be, no one knows. [It seems to me a clear reference to Matt. xxv. 38, amplified by the Matt. 25.45, in a way not unusual with our author.] Perhaps, in addition to the passages in Gen. 18:0, Heb. 13:2, to which the editors naturally refer, Tertullian may allude to such passages as Mark 9:37, Matt. 25:40, 45. [Christo in pauperibus.]


I have followed Routh’s conjecture, “feceris” for “fecerit,” which Oehler does not even notice.


Luke x. 5.

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