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Chapter XXIV.—Of Place for Prayer.

But how “in every place,” since we are prohibited 8920 (from praying) in public? In every place, he means, which opportunity or even necessity, may have rendered suitable: for that which was done by the apostles 8921 (who, in gaol, in the audience of the prisoners, “began praying and singing to God”) is not considered to have been done contrary to the precept; nor yet that which was done by Paul, 8922 who in the ship, in presence of all, “made thanksgiving to God.” 8923



Matt. 6:5, 6, which forbids praying in public.


Paul and Silas (Acts xvi. 25).


I have followed Muratori’s reading here.


Mr. Dodgson renders “celebrated the Eucharist;” but that rendering appears very doubtful. See Acts xxvii. 35.

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