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Chapter XVII.—The Truth of God’s Work in Creation. You Cannot Depart in the Least from It, Without Landing Yourself in an Absurdity.

This rule is required by the nature of the One-only God, 6287 who is One-only in no other way than as the sole God; and in no other way sole, than as having nothing else (co-existent) with Him. So also He will be first, because all things are after Him; and all things are after Him, because all things are by Him; and all things are by Him, because they are of nothing: so that reason coincides with the Scripture, which says: “Who hath known the mind of the Lord? or who hath been His counsellor? or with whom took He counsel? or who hath shown to Him the way of wisdom and knowledge? Who hath first given to p. 487 Him, and it shall be recompensed to him again?” 6288 Surely none!  Because there was present with Him no power, no material, no nature which belonged to any other than Himself.  But if it was with some (portion of Matter) 6289 that He effected His creation, He must have received from that (Matter) itself both the design and the treatment of its order as being “the way of wisdom and knowledge.” For He had to operate conformably with the quality of the thing, and according to the nature of Matter, not according to His own will in consequence of which He must have made 6290 even evil things suitably to the nature not of Himself, but of Matter.



Unici Dei.


Rom. 11:34, 35, Isa. 40:14.


De aliquo.


Adeo ut fecerit.

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