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Chapter LIX.—God distinct from the Father conversed with Moses.

When I had spoken these words, I continued: “Permit me, further, to show you from the book of Exodus how this same One, who is both Angel, and God, and Lord, and man, and who appeared in human form to Abraham and Isaac, 2161 appeared in a flame of fire from the bush, and conversed with Moses.” And after they said they would listen cheerfully, patiently, and eagerly, I went on: “These words are in the book which bears the title of Exodus: ‘And after many days the king of Egypt died, and the children of Israel groaned by reason of the works;’ 2162 and so on until, ‘Go and gather the elders of Israel, and thou shalt say unto them, The Lord God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob, hath appeared to me, saying, I am surely beholding you, and the things which have befallen you in Egypt.’ ” 2163 In addition to these words, I went on: “Have you perceived, sirs, that this very God whom Moses speaks of as an Angel that talked to him in the flame of fire, declares to p. 227 Moses that He is the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob?”



Some conjecture “Jacob,” others insert “Jacob” after “Isaac.” [Gen. xxii. The Jehovah-angel was seen no doubt by Isaac, as well as by his father.]


Ex. ii. 23.


Ex. iii. 16.

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