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Chapter XLVII.—Desolation of Judæa foretold.

That the land of the Jews, then, was to be laid waste, hear what was said by the Spirit of prophecy. And the words were spoken as if from the person of the people wondering at what had happened. They are these: “Sion is a wilderness, Jerusalem a desolation. The house of our sanctuary has become a curse, and the glory which our fathers blessed is burned up with fire, and all its glorious things are laid waste: and Thou refrainest Thyself at these things, and hast held Thy peace, and hast humbled us very sore.” 1864 And ye are convinced that Jerusalem has been laid waste, as was predicted. And concerning its desolation, and that no one should be permitted to inhabit it, there was the following prophecy by Isaiah: “Their land is desolate, their enemies consume it before them, and none of them shall dwell therein.” 1865 And that it is guarded by you lest any one dwell in it, and that death is decreed against a Jew apprehended entering it, you know very well. 1866



Isa. lxiv. 10-12.


Isa. i. 7.


[Ad hominem, referring to the cruel decree of Hadrian, which the philosophic Antonines did not annul.]

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